Monday, October 21, 2019

Commercial Drivers License Guide Colorado, New Mexico, and Nevada

Commercial Drivers License Guide Colorado, New Mexico, and Nevada If you live in Colorado, New Mexico, or Nevada, learn the guideline for getting your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) below. If you want to learn about getting a CDL at other states, TheJobNetwork has published a guide on how to get a commercial driver’s license in every state of the country. ColoradoRequirements for the CDL Training PermitYou must:Be 18 years oldProvide identification  with your name and address and  proof of U.S. citizenshipVerify your Social Security numberObtain a certificate showing passage of the Department of Transportation (DOT) medical examination  within the last 24 monthsPass the basic CDL written test, which will reflect the class and endorsements you will cover in the CDL driving testPay a $9 permit feeObtaining a CDLAfter you obtain a  temporary permit, you must train for and pass the CDL driving test. The test is not given at driver license offices, but rather is outsourced to private,  third-party companies.The actual test con tains three parts:Pre-trip vehicle inspectionBasic skillsOn-road testThe ApplicationYou can then fill out an application at a full-service driver license office. You must bring with you all the proper identification mention above (including a document with your Social Security number) and  a Medical Examination Report  (Form 649-F).  By this point, you must also have passed   all the required written tests for the class and endorsements for which you are applying and  the CDL driver tests.Finally, you will  relinquish your regular Colorado driver license, along with the CDL temporary permit, pay the $15.50 license fee, have your photo taken, and sign and fingerprint the license.New MexicoYou do not have to take a written test to exchange a valid out-of-state CDL for a New Mexico CDL with the same class and endorsements. However, any driver needing a hazardous materials endorsement must take a written test, be fingerprinted, and get a background check.A driver applicant f or a CDL Permit, a first-time Commercial License, or a Commercial License renewal must provide:A state birth certificate, U.S. passport, or other proof of lawful presence in the United StatesA Social Security CardDOT Medical CertificationTwo verifiable proofs of physical residency in New MexicoA valid New Mexico driver’s/CDL licenseCDL Knowledge TestsAll drivers must  pass all required CDL Knowledge Tests for the desired Class and/or type of vehicle.  Applicants who fail any one CDL Knowledge Test must wait one week before retesting;  applicants may take any one CDL Knowledge Test three times within one-year.  After that  applicants must wait one year before retesting.Any applicant found cheating or committing an offense during  testing will have their CDL application or CDL license disqualified for one year and will be required to obtain a Class D license if holding a CDL.Skills TestsAfter obtaining a  CDL Learner’s Permit, you may inquire where to take the Required Skills Test in your area. The test  is comprised of Pre-Trip, Basic Control Skills, and Road Testing. It is administered by a third-party examiner, and will normally take two hours. Applicants who so not pass  the skills test must wait one week to  retest; you  can  take the skills test three times within a one-year period.Each part of the Knowledge and Skills Test is graded independently; a passing score is 80% or higher.Medical CertificationsApplicants who do not have a current, valid DOT Medical Certificate on record must  submit a copy of a  medical certificate.NevadaSkills tests are administered by appointment at CDL offices only; most organizations hire third-party examiners to administer the exam. The DMV also licenses private Commercial Driving Schools.When you apply, you will provide a list all states where you have held any commercial or non-commercial driver’s license in the past 10 years. Your driving history will be checked in each stat e. All commercial drivers must meet the requirements for a Nevada driver’s license.Upon request you will likely be asked to  submit a Medical Examiner’s Certificate and take a physical exam.  If one  is required, you must obtain it from a physician listed in the  National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners.School BusesSchool bus drivers must have a CDL  if   driving a vehicle designed to transport 16+ people.   School bus drivers must have a school bus endorsement (S) in addition to a passenger endorsement (P) on their CDL.  To obtain  this endorsement, you must pass a knowledge test and a skills test for your class of school bus.

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