Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Internet Tools at Dirt Bikes Essay

Communication is an indispensable part of any organization. It is required to keep up with their business (suppliers), employees (internally) and clients (externally). With every day new innovations in technology, internet is the no more a new concept. Another term associated with internet is networking. The companies big or small realize the fact that adapting the latest technology will take their business to new heights or else they will be left far too behind in the race. Hence it would not be incorrect to say that Internet has changed the way business used to run. It has raised the business to international heights. Internet is used on a global scale and provides a universal platform. Similarly building new services, strategies with in the organization is made possible through intranet. It is a medium of providing connectivity with the different department of the organization in the same office. On similar notes Dirt Bike management decided to look for new tools and technology that will best suite their company to make the communication process more effective and efficient. Introduction Dirt Bikes is a small manufacturing company of off-road bikes of its own brand. It is a privately owned company, and has its headquarters in Carbondale, Colorado. It has a staff strength of around 150-200 employees. The company maintains a website. The company has provided the internet access to its employees. To make the internal communication process across the departments more efficient some more tools and technologies needs to be implemented like E-mail, Video-conferencing, messengers. However, some other upcoming tools and technologies are: Mobile Networking Technology covering (3G), Wireless access and Radio/satellite signals Importance of Intranet The concept of intranet is evolving. This internal communication tool can be developed in such a way that integrates employees from all departments. They would be able to view permissible details of each other’s department along with the feature of internal chat, mail and files transfer. The employees will be provided individual login id and password keeping the system secure and traceable. Maintaining employees personal details will greatly help Human Resource department to track and keep updated information for any individual. The employees can check their details available on the network and can report for any changes whenever required. Contact information, attendance, leave balance are few of the named details that can be made available. The Manufacturing and Production department can discuss and forward the design related issues and updates through mail or common chat. The sales and Marketing team can maintain a database for archive with the details of previous sales records and a comparison with the present trends. They can track the sales projections and balance the act of supply and demand more efficiently. Implementation of intranet requires a client /server architecture connected in LAN. Additional Tools Certain departments like the accounts department that holds vital data related to the company and the employees and the manufacturing departments that works on upcoming designs of new model can make use of VPN (Virtual Private Network) that provides a secure and encrypted form of communication with in the public network. It is a cost effective way that provides the combined feature of Voice as well as data networks. The drawback of the system is that may slow down the process during high internet congestion. Another cost effective way of communication is through Wireless access with the help of smart phones and Bluetooth. The wireless access will cover the entire network of the company. Bluetooth can be within a particular department allowing access to printer, computer, phones all at the same time. It will be a low power option having a range of 10 meter. It reduces the confusing and messy cables and at times works without user intervention. The smart phones or the 3G phones technology will the employees outside the organization like the delivery and shipment department. Nearly all employees will feel benefited with the implementation of the above tools. It will definitely increase efficiency helping them to concentrate on the work. And overall the company will benefit too. Wireless Access Wireless technology offers a very flexible approach to stay in touch over the network internally with employees and externally with customers and suppliers. Bluetooth allows accessing internet while connecting to nearly 8 more devices at the same time in 10 meter range.

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