Thursday, November 21, 2019

Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 106

Assignment Example Critical thinking therefore fosters fair-mindedness and intellectual integrity. It also equips the user with skills that can be learned, mastered and used in life (Huhn, 2013). One of the most widely used critical thinking skills is information seeking. The other critical thinking skills include analyzing; logical reasoning, predicting and transformation of knowledge obtained through useful practical application. Leist, Woolwine and Bays (2012) point out that information seeking as a critical thinking skill involves searching for evidence, facts or knowledge through identification of the relevant sources. It also involves the gathering of information that is objective, subjective, historical and current. There are many information sources. The five primary sources that I utilize in my information search include online and print journal articles, internet websites, books, newspaper articles and past research notes and published research findings. The print and online journal articles are the main source of information. This is because apart from providing up to date information they are also peer reviewed ensuring that the information published is accurate and objective (Eagleton and Guinee, 2002). My choice of sources of information has not significantly changed over the past one year because they are the same that were utilized even then. However, I have become more pragmatic with deploying internet sources so that only the most credible ones are utilized. For example, I look out for the author’s credentials and contacts to see whether he or she is an authoritative source. The format of information input that I prefer the most is through seeing. This is because my comprehension is significantly enhanced through reading and observation as opposed to hearing. The combination of the two usually provides a better understanding of the message communicated, but if I

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