Sunday, November 10, 2019

Btec Business Level Essay

TESCO’s customers want a quality product they can buy for a reasonable price. They want these products to be of good standard because the customer is spending their money on the products. Customers want the money they spend on purchasing these products to be worth it and that the quality they receive from the amount they have paid to be of a good standard. TESCO respond to this need by making sure to they sell the right products for their store because if they don’t they could lose a valuable customer, customers are the one putting their money into the revenue of the company. TESCO are always building new stores around the world all of the time but some people disagree with them building them, as we have found out in Bristol last year when there was riot over TESCO being built. TECO’s business objective of ‘To be a creator of highly valued brands’ is influenced by the customer stakeholder. This is because the part of the objective ‘be a creator’ this means that they want to have a high valued brands to make sure the customers return again to buy their products that they are selling in the store. Directors/Managers Directors want to have the business to strive and make sure their employees are happy with the conditions they are working in. They always are working to improve the business. TESCO’s business objective ‘’To grow the UK core’’ is influenced by the directors because they want to the company to be the best that it can be and to strive well by creating new opportunities for their employees and building new stores to give the unemployed jobs to go too. Government Government influence TESCO because they make the decisions on how much tax is given to the company, they also influence TESCO by deciding when they can build the stores and whether its applicable to be in that particular area. TESCO business objective ‘’To grow the UK core. ’’ The government influence this because they set the tax and make sure they are operating within the guidelines, they read through the planning applications for where they want the stores to be. Suppliers Suppliers influence TESCO by the growth of purchasing the long term contracts, this links to the business objective of ‘’To grow retail services in all our markets’’ because when they want to expand their business they want to make sure that the suppliers can supply the same product for every store they have. A benefit of having local suppliers is that it supports the community, and as Tesco has different stores all around the world which means different countries require different suppliers. Employees TESCO workers want a regular work and pay, good wages for the work and hours they do and to be a valued member of the team. To be listened to when they have a problem or they have a fault that affects their working conditions and they are all given training to make sure they can work to the full maximum of what Tesco wants. TESCO’s business objective ‘To build our team so that we create more value’ is influenced by the employee stakeholder this is because TESCO are always looking for new employees and that new people are joining the team every day to expand the business even more. Employees are key for customers to return. Shareholders TESCO’s business objective ‘’To be an outstanding international retailer in stores and online’’. This influenced by the shareholders because they are suggesting improvements that affect the quality of what they are selling and expanding their business with help with the directors of the company. Tesco need shareholders money to expand because they are the ones who are investing in the company but also shareholders do expect a dividend at the end. Communities TESCO communities always have preservations on whether they like the store where it is and whether they think it is right for the area. TESCO try and work together with the communities where their stores are, TESCO business objective ‘’To put our responsibilities to the communities we serve at the heart of what we do. ’ This influenced by the community because they suggest ideas to the store. Tesco are providing a local service to the community with providing jobs which is means more money going to the government. TESCO try their best to change these and make the store a better place for customers.

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