Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Direct Flower Delivery. Analysis Of The Website Assignment

Direct Flower Delivery. Analysis Of The Website - Assignment Example This Web site report details both front and back end capabilities. In inclusion with technical details, this report also consists of the customer interaction specifications. DFD, Direct Flower Delivery is a web based Florist to cater the growing Flower needs of people of United Kingdom. There are a large number of companies in UK delivering flowers to their customer’s home. People often send flowers, whether it is a birthday, wedding and some other special occasions. Many places such as restaurants, hotels, offices and many houses use flower to decorate the place. Not only flowers are used for specific occasions, there are many people changing their flowers at home once a week. To simplify the ordering procedure of these needs, DFD has evolved and is committed to serve the best to its customers. Currently, DFD is serving its customers with its web site. DFD offers wide range of choices to its customers. Through its site, DFD offers whole lot of features to its customer such as the freedom of ordering flowers online, Secured payment transactions, Track the delivery of ordered items and also a reminder service with important dates. The highlight of this web based company is that the customers have the advantage of designing their own style, pattern and of course flowers that are be delivered, apart from selecting from the pre-defined templates. 2. Website Objectives The objectives of this web-based florist are to offer features that will permit and promote the following: Ordering flowers with just a click of a mouse. Easy browsing and searching for various regular & seasonal flowers. Web tools which enable secured online payments. Easier accessing of information and help generally. Web tools to foster community relationship and cater their needs. In Simple, to make it easy and offer choices for their customers 3. Description of Target Audience The customers will be anyone in UK who looking for flowers to be sent to someone or themselves, whether for special occasions or to decorate their houses. The company will have a web site which design to make shopping for flowers on the internet quicker and easier. If such availability exists, the company will deliver flowers to the address on the date which has been requested by customers to be sent to. Customers can individually create their own design in flowers over the website and the flower which they create will be send to the address that they request. Customer will be able to track down their deliveries. The company will provide the information on the process of delivery for each individual customer, in order for customers to be able to track down their deliveries. 4. Business Constraints 4.1 Negative Constraints: 4.1.1 As it's a Web-based company, the competition is severe and to handle this aspect the web site and the company has to be on toes 24hours. 4.1.2 It's very hard to predict the volume of business the next day. The customer may be literally from anywhere on this world. If it's Florist on the

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