Friday, November 1, 2019

Discussion Forum #7 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Discussion Forum #7 - Essay Example The first changes yield the most warming but subsequently produce lesser warming. Coupling the increased carbon dioxide emissions and the lesser and lesser warming resulting from more and more carbon dioxide emissions, it would be reasonable to consider the future warming projections as a straight line (Michaels, 2009). Therefore, once climate warming by humans starts, it occurs at a constant rate. Indeed, BBC (2013) reports on data from balloon radiosondes and satellite that support this finding. According to these records, since 1998, there has been no discernible warming. Michaels further argues that the observed rates of warming are below the average of climate models and that the assumptions by pro-global warming activists could not be true. Climate models postulate a greater increase in the degree of warming with a rise in the concentration of greenhouse gases than experienced at the surface (Michaels, 2010). Supportive evidence from BBC (2013) indicates that these models have not been able to model all the involved processes even after many years of development. Water vapor distribution, influence of clouds and plants’ response to changes in water supply are among some of these models not captured. Thus, the models are unreliable. Michaels (2009) also observes that contrary to expectations, the carbon dioxide greenhouse warming effect at Antarctic has exhibited just a slight temperature increase since the measurements in the 1950s and 1960s. In fact, the International Geophysical Year observed that the Antarctic temperatures exhibited a warming trend from 1957 to mid-1960s, with subsequent studies thereafter indicating cooling or no change. This erroneous data has been supported by BBC (2013) and Pittock (2009) who observe that the atmosphere does not behave as predicted by the models. The predictions of computer models

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