Monday, January 13, 2020

Armstrong Family Essay

â€Å"Which is more important freedom or happiness† (Nijinsky 78). Every human has their own definition for â€Å"happiness† and â€Å"freedom†, and that’s what Armstrong and BZRK cooperation’s are fighting for. The Armstrong family fought for ultimate happiness, while BZRK fought for people right and freedom. Characters in this novel were willing to die for freedom and they were also willing to kill for freedom. This novel demonstrates the emerging technologies and makes you think about the implication they may represent in society. It raises questions such as â€Å"Is freedom something worth fighting for? † The theme is freedom, and it’s required for happiness, in BZRK by Michael Grant it convincingly demonstrates through madness, achieving potential, and sanity. Through the character isolation due to their restrictions, they demonstrate that you need freedom to achieve more happiness. Due to the Armstrong’s isolation because of their isolation, they are forcing their will to create a collective human identity. During a conversation between the Armstrong brother’s and their followers â€Å"they are ruthless in a demonic cause, we will unite humanity† (Benjamin Armstrong 66). This helps connect with the outer world as they see and hear about leaders that are imposing their will and taking people’s freedom. Later on in the novel, the reader discovers that Vincent is diagnosed with the disease that makes him unable to feel happiness. Then later on when he defeats the Armstrong brothers, he was able to achieve happiness. He always has a look of disgust but later on the look is surpassed† (Sadie 155). This situation helps the reader visualise the unhappiness in the character because of the inability to achieve freedom. Through lifetime of experiences the potential achieved freedom allows us to live a happy fulfilling life. As a result of his freedom being taken away Alex failed to reach his potential to reach his full potential in the army and was handcuffed in a mental Asylum. Alex’s brother describes Alex situation â€Å"Alex Cotton was in a room and sat on the edge of the bunk. His wrists were handcuffed to steal rings† (Noah 5). This helps the reader associate the prisoners to a lack of freedom and lack of achieved potentials in a variety of all sorts. Likewise, because of Anthony being locked up in his own imagination he wasn’t able to reach his full potential and was satisfied in being a mass murderer. In a confrontation with Burnofsky â€Å"I just rewire people brains. You think I won’t rewire my own if needed! (Anthony 188). This showed the reader a lot about the character of Anthony and that he is willing to do anything to satisfy the Armstrong brother’s Through the sanity of major characters in BZRK, it help it them reach their ultimate goal which was to achieve their freedom. Do to Greg Mclure sanity he was able to create nanobot technology in hope to win battle against the Armstrong family. During a conversation with Anthony â€Å"Burnofsky remember the day he spent with Grey Mclure working in the lab on the nanobots† (Michael Grant 124). This shows the reader that Greg always uses his intelligent to reach his potential and that helps him fight for his freedom against the Armstrong family. Similarly, Vincent always used his freedom of choice and his intelligent to become the best nanobot fighter. In a battle between Vincent and Anthony â€Å"he will find something wrong, he is too smart to fall for this trick† (Anthony 178). Likewise, this shows how Vincent sanity help it him excel in what he does and also help it him finally finding pleasure in his life. In conclusion, the theme is freedom is required for happiness, and it’s demonstrated through madness, achieving potential, and sanity. Firstly, through character isolation due to their appearance and sickness it shows that you need freedom to achieve happiness in life. Secondly, through lifelong experiences the potential achieving helps you live a long fulfilling life. Lastly, sanity helps the character achieve his ultimate goal which was to gain freedom. So, why is freedom worth fighting for? It matters a great deal to everyone one in the world. Freedom brings progress, opportunity, and happiness into people lives.

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